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Monday, February 28, 2005

Seeing Mysterious Energy

Dear Lynda:
My best friend and I are having the same incidents occur to both of us at entirely different places -- our homes and places of employment. In our peripheral vision, we are both seeing dark, dashing, very small somethings. They run past us on our desk, or on a counter. We thought it was only us, but another person we know has seen this too. It is usually so quick and it makes you think it's a bug or a mouse, but it isn't. We don't understand what these spirits are, why they are with us, but we have determined when they are seen. It is usually after some issue arises where someone around us is showing anger or is being exceptionally unkind. Do you have any idea what is going on or who/why/what the purpose of these tiny things are? They are dark in color, as if to be charcoal grey or black. We don't know what to make of it.
Tanjla, Lakewood, CO

Dear Tanjla:

The first thing that came to me as I read your email was that we have gotten so used to thinking that what we perceive with our limited five senses is all there is, that we seldom look for the most all possible answers. There are several wonderful books about parallel universes, simultaneous time/space, faster/slower vibrating energy and the answer to your question lies there. Catching a glimpse of "other realities" in our peripheral vision is a regular occurrence, as is the likelihood that we'll slide through the artificial boundaries during times of intense emotion. Anger and unkindness often stimulates nonordinary experiences. Another possibility (but similar) is that you are becoming aware of thoughtforms -- energies that have built up through repeated thoughts/experiences/beliefs, etc. All energy that ever was is present now. We often call particularly strong thoughtforms "ghosts." And, a totally mundane explanation would be that there is a condition of the eye -- rather common I understand -- where there are frequent manifestations of floating dark things. Like you described. And where and when you see them depends on where they're located on your eye, and the level of stimulus involved. An eye professional could tell you more about that. But, when I see such things, I think it's more fun to believe I'm witnessing a parallel/simultaneous universe.


Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Time To Move On?

Dear Lynda:
I'm looking for some guidance for all the changes coming up in my life. I want to leave my husband of 24 years, sell the house and expand my housecleaning business. Sometimes just the thought of all this is so overwhelming. My children have moved out and I know it is time to move on from my husband. Whatever karma we had to work out is complete and staying with him is detrimental to my health and spiritual growth. I do not want to take forever for the house to sell so we can split quickly. I have positive feelings about expanding my business, but would appreciate your feedback.
Crystal, Morrison, CO

Dear Crystal:

You don't mention anything in your email about your husband (I'm assuming it's your husband, as it is the strongest male energy involved in the issues you wrote about) having strong feelings about the impending changes. Immediately, I got the sense of anger, miscommunication and issues of control. Oddly, even though your "vibe" is very strong in the note you sent me, I am getting an off-balanced energy between your husband and yourself. As if you're holding back or hiding. I absolutely support you in choosing a new path for the future and your house will sell, but you'll need to be patient. I know that sounds like I'm waffling, but I sense much more about the expansion of your business than about the sale of your house, but -- as I said -- it will eventually sell. I mention your business because I actually associate a physical place, perhaps a building or office, which will be new for you in regard to your business. Something that began concerning your business within the last 30 days will turn out to be fruitful in unexpected ways.

Here's what I really want to say. Don't get involved with another man right away. I don't know if you are already moving in that direction (because it feels close) or if you are just daydreaming about it, but my recommendation stands. You desperately need to carve out some psychic space for yourself, inside and outside, before you join forces with another again. The ending of your marriage won't be as smooth and easy as you would like it to be, and there are lots of stressful situations coming your way over the next 4-5 months.

This is the time for you to get clear about who you are and what you want. You might consider dreaming even bigger in regard to money and your housecleaning business. Whatever you're imagining, make it more vivid -- larger.

Once again, I want to say that you shouldn't take anything about this ending for granted. I think your husband has intense emotions that will bubble to the surface. Make sure you have a good support network. I'm rootin' for you.