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Monday, February 28, 2005

Seeing Mysterious Energy

Dear Lynda:
My best friend and I are having the same incidents occur to both of us at entirely different places -- our homes and places of employment. In our peripheral vision, we are both seeing dark, dashing, very small somethings. They run past us on our desk, or on a counter. We thought it was only us, but another person we know has seen this too. It is usually so quick and it makes you think it's a bug or a mouse, but it isn't. We don't understand what these spirits are, why they are with us, but we have determined when they are seen. It is usually after some issue arises where someone around us is showing anger or is being exceptionally unkind. Do you have any idea what is going on or who/why/what the purpose of these tiny things are? They are dark in color, as if to be charcoal grey or black. We don't know what to make of it.
Tanjla, Lakewood, CO

Dear Tanjla:

The first thing that came to me as I read your email was that we have gotten so used to thinking that what we perceive with our limited five senses is all there is, that we seldom look for the most all possible answers. There are several wonderful books about parallel universes, simultaneous time/space, faster/slower vibrating energy and the answer to your question lies there. Catching a glimpse of "other realities" in our peripheral vision is a regular occurrence, as is the likelihood that we'll slide through the artificial boundaries during times of intense emotion. Anger and unkindness often stimulates nonordinary experiences. Another possibility (but similar) is that you are becoming aware of thoughtforms -- energies that have built up through repeated thoughts/experiences/beliefs, etc. All energy that ever was is present now. We often call particularly strong thoughtforms "ghosts." And, a totally mundane explanation would be that there is a condition of the eye -- rather common I understand -- where there are frequent manifestations of floating dark things. Like you described. And where and when you see them depends on where they're located on your eye, and the level of stimulus involved. An eye professional could tell you more about that. But, when I see such things, I think it's more fun to believe I'm witnessing a parallel/simultaneous universe.