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Monday, October 11, 2004

Wrestling With Financial Fears

Dear Lynda:
I left a frustrating, limiting job a few months ago to take a breath, spend time with my children, and complete my MBA. Now the kids are back to school and I am drifting, searching for a new job but with not much luck at the moment. In fact, I have gone for a large number of job openings with little response and, for those that I did interview, not an offer.

In the past I have considered pursuing other careers but that is out of the question at the moment. Our current income covers day-to-day and no more. My future income needs to help with living expenses and to cover other financial goals we have, including college and retirement savings. I keep telling myself that fate is trying to steer me but I am impatient . . . and more than a bit nervous about my future and career.

I wonder if you can see what my future path may hold, as I am feeling more than a bit lost. You have guided me in the past and I miss not having seen you in quite a while.

Lisa, Boulder, CO

Dear Lisa:
I'll jump right into the good news because I understand what it feels like to be swallowed whole by the Money Monster.

I can't urge you strongly enough (since your intention is to stay in the same field for the time being in order to gather funds) to continue to fill out applications, send out resumes and attend interviews (yes, there will be actual interviews). An opportunity is approaching. You don't know about it yet, so it isn't something you've already interviewed for. Unless it is a different position in a familiar company.

Let me be totally clear. Money -- spendable, healthy and positive -- is flowing toward you on the cosmic highway. Leave your porch light on. When will it arrive, you might rightfully ask? That's the tricky thing about offering feedback via psychic/intuitive means. There is no time/space in the Deep/Expanded Self, the place where the 6th sense (and 7th, 8th, and so on) reins supreme. I'd say that the seeds for the financial reprieve have already been planted (on the emotional/vibrational level) and you will experience results within the next few months. That's fast, cosmically speaking!

And there's something about the primary male in your life. You didn't mention anything about him (isn't that interesting?). Somehow ideas that he harbors are coloring your world view, and you are holding yourself back in some way. I know you are doing everything you can think of, and I heard you say that you need to hunker down and stay the course until things turn in your favor (please read above for indications of the change), but I'd like to try to persuade you to take a risk of some sort. If not financial/career, then perhaps an emotional/spiritual one. It appears to me that you are, indeed, supported and can take whatever leap you've been avoiding. As the saying goes, you will land safely or be taught to fly. Honest.