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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Is Someone New Coming?

Dear Lynda:
I have been psychically and emotionally committed to a man for almost two years. There has been very little physical manifestation between us but the bond feels very strong. I am using this love in many beautiful ways to grow but I am curious whether our love can manifest into a loving physical relationship or if someone new will be coming in soon to mark the end of this interesting but intense non-traditional relationship.
Serenity, Boulder, CO

Dear Serenity:
This is probably going to sound very strange, but as I sat with your question and let the vibrational song of your friend (that is the word I'm compelled to describe him with) wash over me, I felt a very youthful -- almost innocent -- energy. And, at the same time, he feels to me to be a removed, distant figure somehow. Almost like someone we love and admire from a distance. Oddly unavailable.

If I was playing Devil's Advocate (and I guess I am), I'd ask you what you're up to with this almost illusionary relationship? Is he acting out an idealized male fantasy for you?

Here's the thing. There is definitely another male energy in the picture (if not here already, quickly approaching) but he'd fall into the category of "down-to-Earth, good guy," and I wonder if you will even give him the time of day?

To answer your questions, no. I don't see this interestingly-ethereal relationship with your current man turning into anything more grounded and day-to-day. Yes. There is another possibility coming if you will explore your fear about really being loved. Remember that protective shields not only keep us in, but they keep others out.