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Monday, October 04, 2004

Attached Entity on His Foot?

Dear Lynda:
I've had a chronic pain in my foot for weeks and there doesn't seem to be any medical reason for it. I went to a psychic who told me that there is an entity attached to my foot, and that's why I'm experiencing pain. She did a ceremony where she tried to release the entity, but it didn't work. She said the entity is very powerful and that I need to work with her on a regular basis to remove the entity. I'm willing to do that if it will help. What do you get about my foot?
J.T., Westland, MI

Dear J.T.:
An attached entity (what a trendy concept) wouldn't be my first guess. I had a vision of you standing with one foot firmly planted in the center of a circle, while the other foot tries to move you forward in some direction. The planted (hurting) foot seems to be holding a fear about that forward movement, and you keep walking in circles. Take some time to talk to the fear inside you. It has helpful and enlightening information. This isn't about entities, it's about you talking to you. But I would walk a wide circle around that psychic, if I were you!


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