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Monday, October 04, 2004

Scary Roommate

Dear Lynda:
I live with three other people in an apartment, and one of my roommates scares me. She dresses in black all the time, and I think she is trying to control my thoughts. There have been many unexplained things happening in the apartment since she moved in -- like the light bulbs popping for no reason, and personal possessions not being where we left them.

I want to know if you sense that she is evil and dangerous, and if you do, please tell me what I can do to protect myself from her? I've been smudging the apartment, but it doesn't seem to help.
Natalie, Golden, CO

Dear Natalie:
First, let me tell you that I pop light bulbs all the time. I can count on popping at least one per week. It's an energy thing. I also have been known to burn out small appliances. That is no indication of evil intent.

If anything, I sense confusion and depression around this individual. I think she needs help. Someone to talk to. Instead of projecting your fears on her, perhaps you could reach out? As someone who is often misunderstood, I can tell you how painful that is. Trust me. She isn't controlling your thoughts. You might ask yourself what the benefit is for holding such a dramatic focus. Sometimes when we're afraid to be all we truly can be, we put our attention on other people and things. Maybe it's time you looked at the ways you scare yourself.


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