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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Energy Overload

Lynda: I have always been able to feel what others internal feelings are and I have no clue what to do with it. Now I have found others who have the same problems and I feel less insane than before because I am not the only one. So, last night was the worst because I was with a lot of people at the theatre play for school. My friend Mikki is going through a lot of crap with her ex boyfriend Shae and this guy she likes named Skyler. I feel her pain and misery, Shae's suicidal feelings and hurt, Skylers confusion and like for Mikki, and then my parents anger and pain. I feel as though I have lost my own sense of feeling and I just don't know what to do with it all. When I am alone I feel completely numb. Then with guys it's even worse because how am I supposed to know if I am feeling what they are feeling or what I am feeling. Last night I know I was feeling what this guy was feeling because I like this other guy, I think. But last night I thought I liked T because he likes me. Today now that I am alone, I realize that I do not like T, because I like J. J likes me too. This is all so confusing and I don't have a clue what to do with it all. I am begging for help. Sincerely and Thankfully.

Nicky: It's easy to get caught up in feeling all the emotions in the world because we can. I remember when I discovered that just because I can feel something, doesn't mean I have to remain caught up in the energy. I can step out. I can distract myself. When I realized how much more amazing life was when I learned to be the compassionate witness -- not enmeshed -- rather than swimming around in the murky emotions of others. I can sense what I choose to sense and I don't have to do anything about it. Love and relationships are confusing enough without the added layer of reading emotions and energy over-stimulation. You might need to take a break from guys for a while so you can re-set your own personal boundaries. One way you can tell if a particular energy is helpful to you is by noticing if it feels good in your body or bad. If it feels bad, it's no help to you. Shift your attention to a good feeling. Use your imagination to create a positive feeling state and wallow in that one until you feel better. Remember, the way to keep the energy of others from overwhelming you is to ground yourself and fill yourself up so completely from the inside out with healthy and good energy that you simply overflow on everyone and everything around you. If you are saturating all your personal space with good vibes, there simply isn't any room for the opposite. Things will get better with practice.

Mind Communication

Lynda: Can a psychic vampire speak to your mind, without words? My next question, and I know I have to make this choice by myself. And right now I'm not ready, but when I am. How do I break the ties with him. Believe me I know he's bad for me. And he's not mine. And I know he never will be. But right now I'm happier than I have ever been. And I'm not ready to say good bye. Thank you so much for all your help.

Everyone has different skills and abilities. Expanded communication is not unusual and is experienced by most people. The problem with someone "speaking in your mind" is that usually that comes with some control tendencies. It takes both of you to give permission in order for those kinds of communications to occur. He isn't doing it to you. You're both in the dance. Unfortunately, whatever we try to push away simply gets stronger/bigger. When you are ready to let go of this person you already perceive as not good for you, you'll have to find something healthy to replace the negative addiction. Distract yourself with more positive, uplifting things. Change the attraction focus of your personal magnet. Best wishes.

Time to Allow Yourself to Receive

Dear Lynda: I'm currently living with family in Texas, but I'm originally from California. I was laid off from my job and am unemployed and basically starting from scratch again, since I sold most of my possessions to start over in a foreign country and it didn't work out. I've been back in the U.S. for 6 months now, looking for work here in Texas (near Austin) and also enjoying the break from work due to unemployment. Haven't yet found the right job and now that winter's approaching, the job market seems to be even slower. Maybe I just have to wait for the right thing to come along, but am not sure how long my unemployment funds will last.I've been deliberating about what my next move should be. I have a friend named Helen in California who would like me to return there and share her home which is in a mobile home park in Rohnert Park and find work there, share expenses (which she claims would be quite low), etc. I'm a California girl for sure, but am not sure it's the best place for me right now - partly because the job market there seems worse than here in Texas at this point. Also because I'm not sure how compatible Helen and I would be as room-mates and am not sure I want to leave my beloved pets that I brought here to Texas prior to leaving for Europe and the comfort of being with my brother, even if his views and belief system aren't completely in alignment with mine. I have adjusted to being here and feel comforted to be with family during these turbulent times, but I must admit I'm uncertain whether this could work out long-term either. My brother and his wife are older and living in a retirement community. I rent a room from them and we split our expenses 3-ways. So I'm wondering, first of all, whether my unemployment benefits will in fact be extended the end of this month (as I believe they may be) since the ones I have are running out. And I'm also wondering whether it would be best for me to stay put here in Texas and whether I am more likely to find work here, so that I can hopefully continue paying off the large debt I now have and possibly meet a life partner at some point. Or, whether it would be best for me to try out living with Helen in California even though I have concerns (even about astro-cartographical influences) there. Thank you so much for your response.

Dear Raechel: Nice to hear from you again. This really isn't a bad time for you at all, from what I can see. Help is coming soon in many forms, including money (which may be the extended benefits). I think you should stay put for a while. California doesn't seem like a good decision to me for the next year at least. The energy around you is very fertile and rich. I think several interesting/good things are about to manifest. Use the skills you have to calm your mind and imagine the feelings you wish to experience in yourself. As you imagine those good feelings, you invite them closer. I see nothing that indicates you need to make any quick changes. Imagine receiving the good you desire. Sincerely, all appears well.