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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Attracting Your Mate

Dear Lynda: I received your Attract a Mate hypnosis CD in the mail a few days ago, and I finally had a chance to listen to it comfortably last night when I got home from work. I plan to use it every day to reinforce the suggestions. It is a wonderful CD: the guided regression is excellent and your voice is very hypnotic and relaxing. I had purchased a couple of other hypnosis CDs on, but I like yours the best and I plan to purchase another in the future, as soon as I have manifested my "mate" using this one. Kudos!

I have worked for the same company for many years, and most of the other employees are 10 or more years younger than I am, which makes meeting a single man at the office unlikely. I have also been trying to meet men using the internet personals, mostly without success. On top of this, I was mugged a few months ago (but not on a date), so now I am very nervous when meeting new men, and I don't like for them to offer to pick me up at home for a first date, but they almost always insist on it. So I now have trouble making good first impressions, as I inevitably come across as very nervous and paranoid from the moment I first step into a man's car until he (with relief) drops me off at home, never to call me for a second date. My question is: can this single woman be saved? i.e. will I be able to overcome these disadvantages and will meet a new man for a relationship soon? Thank you!
V, Colorado

Dear V: Any man who insists on picking you up at your home after you suggest something different isn't the man for you. It's actually quite rational to meet a date at a central location for the first time. When women ignore their intuition, unpleasant things can happen. I'm very, very happy to hear that you're learning to listen to yours. While you become more confident about following your own wise guidance, you'll likely meet lots of men who give you accurate cause to be "nervous and paranoid." The longer you trust yourself and pass on these fellows, the quicker the kind of man who is actually good for you will show up. Since you're working with my CD (thank you for the kind words), you already know that the best way to "find" the mate for you is to attract him. That's an energy/vibrational process. As challenging as it can be (since so many of us think we need to "get out there" and meet men) to spend more time imagining the man you desire and less time looking for him, it is worth whatever re-learning it takes to accomplish it. Here's my sense for you regarding the man of your dreams: I don't see you meeting a healthy, compatible male at work. You'll connect with someone you're in alignment with by doing things you love. I know. Everyone says that. But it's true. It's about staying in your own center and becoming a powerful magnet to attract someone "like" you. The Law of Attraction says "like attracts like." Right now you're afraid, so you're attracting men who give you reason to be afraid. Stop looking. Get busy doing what you love. Take classes in subjects that appeal to you. Travel. Imagine your mate doing those things with you, but don't notice whether or not he's there in the "real" world. Refuse to settle for less. I see someone wonderful answering your vibrational invitation sometime between June and August of this year.
Hugs, Lynda