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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Message or Coincidence?

Dear Lynda:
A few months ago I was out with friends and we had just been out drinking then went to a fast-food place to get something to eat. I didn't want anything, so I stayed outside where I spoke to a girl who was also standing outside. She looked a little upset, but when I spoke to her she got really upset and started saying she was going to kill herself. A few weeks later I was out drinking again and was again outside a fast-food place when a different girl stopped me and asked me if I'd met her before. Then she started getting upset and telling me that she had met someone who looked like me at a nightclub a few weeks earlier and that person had put the date-rape drug into her drink, took her to the toilets and possibly raped her. She realized that I was not this person, and I know I had nothing to do with the incident since I never go to the nightclub she was talking about. I just want to know why these two incidents happened to me? Is there some sort of message or is it just a coincidence?
Chris, Edinburgh, Scotland

Dear Chris:
I don't believe in coincidences. What we call "coincidences" are only things we can't see the whole picture of. Your situation is, indeed, a message, but not the one you might suspect. It is a metaphorical message from you to you. I'm sure you know that we all have many "parts" to ourselves -- many personality aspects. The aspects we find more acceptable are allowed to be shown to the world, and the other parts -- the ones we fear, deny or resist -- are repressed. But those repressed parts "leak." That means what we attempt to hold back in ourselves tends to magnetize more of itself from the outer world. I get the idea that you are struggling with at least one other portion of your personality and these sad young women picked up on your dissonance and gave you the gift of addressing your confusion. Explore your beliefs, ideas, thoughts, feelings about relationships, women and men and who you are. I wonder if you've opened yourself to all your intuitive abilities? They seem to be strong in you. So, don't get so caught up in the messenger that you lose the message. What do both these scenarios have in common? That is what the universe/you are trying to tell you. And you might consider staying away from fast-food places late at night, unless you are drawn to lost souls on purpose.