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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Feeling Trapped

Dear Lynda:
I feel trapped. I'm working a job that offers little satisfaction even though the pay is decent. On the one hand, I have a lack of passion for the health care business (HMO). On the other hand, I need the income it provides. While I mostly enjoy database programming and the decent pay, I feel absolutely out of place in a corporate environment (I've been here for 5 years). I recently turned down a job offer for a database programming position with another local company, even though the salary was an extra $6,000 per year. I turned it down mainly because this position offered fewer vacation days and holidays, which meant that I would have been earning less for each day I actually worked. And the environment had more of a corporate feel than my current job. Another big factor in my turning it down was my desire to move to a new location ASAP.

I'm currently living in a place that is almost the complete opposite of the kind of place I'd enjoy living in. I'm in a metro area of 1.5 million people, and would rather live in a place with a population of 50,000 or less. I'm living near the ocean and would rather live near the mountains. I'm living in a humid climate and I'd rather live in a dry climate. You get the picture. I've been scouring the job sites for similar jobs in places I'd consider moving to, but I rarely ever find any openings for the jobs that interest me. The few jobs I have applied for were dead end pursuits. Do you see a job offer and a move to one of my desired locations in the near future?

Franco: Due to many things -- the poor economy of the last few years, a challenging energy that is emerging from the polarization of desires on the planet, the layer of fear that seems to have gained strength -- nothing is as it used to be. Yes, of course. We can always say that. But now more than ever -- spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally -- we're not in Kansas anymore. The current has gotten very strong and chaotic and the direction isn't clear. Why do I mention all that? Your email was filled with all those things. My dear, you are the poster boy for What's Happening Now.

OK. Let's jump right in. Feeling trapped is a state of mind. An illusion. Does that mean it doesn't feel real? Doesn't surround us with imaginary bars? It feels very real, but it is still an illusion. You are presenting a tremendously dissonant energy. One part of you wants the changes you talk about, and another part is too terrified to take the personal risks necessary to achieve them. So, whether you prefer the words of Esther Hicks, who talks about being the vibration of that which you'd like to create; or the words of Col. Potter from the TV show MASH, "No matter where you go, there you are," the message is clear. The ball is in your court.

I see no evidence of a geographical shift in the next few months. What I do see is increased finances, growing career satisfaction and even a new file in your relationship cabinet if you are willing to face your fears, your limiting beliefs and simply be so at peace with where you are that the new options can sneak in the side door. At this point, you're pushing against what you don't want with such intensity, that all your focus is there, and nothing different can happen. As Dr. Phil might say, "How bad do you want it?" Here's a thought: make a list of a few companies/industries that you would enjoy working for and daydream/fantasize/imagine yourself there. Don't waste another moment thinking about what you don't want.