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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Swimming Against The Tide

Dear Lynda:
I've been so unsettled for so long. I'm my dad's caregiver and I have health problems, too. Dad and I are in a housing-and-financial situation that is --- well --- hardly liveable. I keep praying for the money to come for us to have our own home and financial security. I worry constantly about dad's failing health and what that will mean to us. I feel defeated at every turn. Can you tell me --- will this new year bring answers to our prayers? Will things get better? What do I need to do? I sincerely appreciate ANY guidance you can pass my way. Thank you for your time.
Kari, Colorado

Dear Kari:
I'm so sorry that you're in this challenging situation. I'm going to walk gently around this and try to find a way to ask that won't seem insensitive or insulting. Is your dad making the problem worse in some way? Emotionally/mentally? I ask because I see movement forward thwarted by negative thoughts, attitudes, etc. held by a male. It's as if there's an old pattern -- especially about money and financial issues -- that keeps replaying. Even though the pattern (set of attitudes/beliefs) hinders the healing process. At this point, I don't have any clear idea of what might really be going on in your case. It feels like you're swimming upstream against a tide of old baggage. Why don't you send me an email directly, letting me know more specifically what's going on, and I'll answer your email without putting it here on the blog. One more thing, though. I see an approaching relationship/marriage. Is that yours?