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Monday, January 02, 2006

The Joy of Turmoil

Dear Lynda:
I am in a phase of radical changes. An astrologer friend says that my husband and I both have a simultaneous Pluto Transit happening, which is a 5 year period of total change -- obviously true! Being in the turmoil, it's hard for me to see my own way clearly.... can you help? My marriage is undergoing changes in the way we interact, but I believe it's worth staying together. My holistic health practice has slowed down due to a serious injury I sustained, so I wrote a wonderful book while I was out of commission. I got an agent & have sent it to 4 publishers. I'm now starting up a little company to sell products that I believe are important for people to have access to. And I can't get away from the feeling that I'm being called to New Zealand! I had an earthshaking dream about moving there twelve years ago. We visited NZ a couple years ago, and fell in love with it. But I'm not sure if it's an escapist fantasy, or if it's in the process of manifesting. This is a mixed bag of questions, and I have plenty more unspoken, but I'm hoping you might help me with some clarity. The quantity and intensity of changes is clouding up my own perceptions, at this point.
Confused, Western USA

Dear Confused:
Let me give you some general impressions first, then I'll go back and contemplate the individual issues. You are in a time of great positive movement. I wouldn't necessarily describe it as turmoil (but I'm sure it can feel that way). More like the excitement that happens when the rollercoaster car crests the big hill: You're screaming, but you don't know if you're screaming from fear, excitement, joy or insanity. The wheel (the big, metaphorical one) is turning and powerful "yes" energy is flying toward you. In general, your ideas all bear healthy fruit. Money flows in with an even more delightful ease. I often ask clients to imagine they are on their death beds -- experiencing their last day of life in this incarnation. What would be important? What could be released? What doesn't matter? What does? Whose rules apply? Whose voice in your head can now be ignored? I ask these questions because I see indications of dissonant beliefs. Wants/desires versus shoulds. Your mention of your dream of going to NZ and wondering if it's "an escapist fantasy" is a good example. I'm going to fudge here, because I'm not sure if I don't see you moving out of the USA because you really don't want to, or if your conflicting beliefs are keeping you frozen in fear. One visual is clear for me regarding your situation: The world is dancing right outside your door, calling to you, singing mystical songs -- and you have lots of locks on that door. Each lock was installed for a good reason (some conscious, some unconscious), but the fear really doesn't need to be there. Unless you want it to remain. The good news is that if you can spend more time imagining the joy, bliss and fabulousness of living in the best place for you (and you can trust the universe to fill in the details), you will find the way being cleared for you. One word about your book and publishing/writing in general: here again I see some dissonant ideas/beliefs. Confusion is developing and you might receive news you'd rather not hear. But don't despair. The moment you let go of needing the process to be any certain way, an even better deal will slide in the side window. Your next couple of years is about trusting, accepting and celebrating yourself. There's no reason to make a change in your marriage. Keep me posted!