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Monday, January 30, 2006

Fated Soulmates?

Dear Lynda:
I split up with my ex-fiancé in September. I think about him all the time, which I know is to be expected. My question is regarding what another psychic told me. She said that he is my soul mate and that we are fated to get back together for a while. My ex said he never cheated on me, but I feel like he lied to me about his relationship with another woman. I am seeing someone else now, who seems a better fit. Should I allow my ex into my life in 2006 or just sweep that relationship under the rug, so to speak? How would I ever know if he was unfaithful? Why do I think about him so much when my new love is really good to me?
Alissa, Colorado

Dear Alissa:
It makes total sense to me that your pride might desire proof of your ex's faithfulness. I can't (without his permission) go into whether or not he lied to you, but it appears to me that there were difficulties in your relationship and that lack of trust might have been there all along. I'll just say that I trust your intuition, and I know you're aware (if even on a subtle level) of the truth of the situation. I probably hold a very different view of both "soulmates" and "fate" than the other intuitive you spoke with. I think our soulmates are those who cross our paths and give us kicks to the rear end, which usually push us into other directions. We sometimes don't appreciate our soulmates, because they often do us the great service of providing a cosmic wake-up call. They love us so much on the soul level, that they make us miserable just so we can get the nudge we need. I'm sure your ex falls into that category. If you're happy with your new fellow, I say Yay! I see no reason to drag the past into the future, because (regarding love and romance) your future is looking so bright I've gotta' wear shades (to quote an old song). As you said, it's natural and normal to think about our past relationships. It's unavoidable. There is unexpected good driving around in your neighborhood (metaphorically!). Go out and flag it down. Be happy.