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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Natural Sensory Radar

Dear Lynda:
What do you think it means when I'm thinking about someone, or a place where I had an experience with someone, and that person happens to call at that time or a moment after? I wonder about the same situation with my random thoughts. Maybe the person walks in front of me while I'm waiting at a light in my car. It could be as random as a person I served an ice cream cone to in my high school job that made an impression on me for whatever reason. I hadn't thought about that person for 15 years, and the next thing I know I've remembered that exchange and an hour later I see them. It can also be as complicated as a close family member being hurt and my knowing it. These types of things happen to me more and more frequently. In the past year, it's happened at least once a week. Before then, enough for me to notice, and to wonder about it. I have an uneasy feeling about this.
Susan, Wichita, KS

Dear Susan:
What you're experiencing is absolutely, completely, totally, 100% normal. It's even mundane. Despite the fearful claims made by various others, we are much more than our 5 senses. Being able to sense the connections between people, things, etc., is normal. It doesn't require any special gifts or abilities. It is hardwired into all of us. And how marvelous! Somehow, in spite of your concerns, you've remained open to information coming to you from various energetic/vibrational levels. I take all that for granted. The universe gives us signals constantly. The thing that repeats 3 times (it repeats 3 times for me because that's my expectation), or a bumper sticker on the car in front of me, or a wisp of a memory from the past, or a familiar aroma -- all those things are constantly available to us. There's nothing odd, unnatural, or of concern. You must be sending out an invitation to the universe, allowing expanded information to come to you. Your choice. Many times, someone will pop into my head because I'm temporarily in a similar vibrational pattern (I'm giving attention to something that has a similar resonance) to the one I experienced around/with that person. And, like sending a cosmic "instant message," that person's unconscious receives the resonance, as well. Often, it flies below their radar, so they don't sense anything. It doesn't mean that anything in particular is supposed to happen because we've sensed that person, etc. It's just what our sensing system does. For example, experiencing memories and/or running into an old boyfriend, wouldn't necessarily mean the two of you are destined to be together. It would mean that something about your current experience is energetically similar to the one the two of you shared. I love this stuff!! So, I'd advise you to do it on purpose more so it can get stronger! Why not have access to 90% of what our conscious minds can't pick up?