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Sunday, February 05, 2006


This is probably a common question, but I am plagued with many possibilities right now in my love life. There are some issues left with my ex-husband. There is also the possibility of a new life. There is also the realization that a great man is hard to find. I refuse to let my standards down though. If you have any insight into my future with someone else, please let me know. Is there hope that I will find someone that I can be truly happy with? Is that going to be soon or when I am 150 years old?
Melanie, Oregon

Dear Melanie:
I expected this to be a straightforward issue. I thought I'd sit with the question, lay out a tarot spread, and get clarity. Not so. Here's what I see. If you take some time to be by yourself so you can sort out who you are and what you want, separate from anyone else, you will (probably around a year from April -- determining time is never simple) connect with a man who will share a time of deep, rewarding peace with you. If you jump right into a passionate, yet chaotic, relationship with a fiery man, it will end badly. So, my advice is take the time for yourself. Be man-free for a while longer and let something important bubble up from inside you. The next few months are about self-discovery.