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Monday, February 27, 2006

Fear of the Unknown

Dear Lynda:
My question is hopefully simple for you. I was adopted at birth and have no medical history from my birth mother, save the fact that she was schizophrenic. I found a man whom I would maybe like to have kids with and am worried about what possible genetic problems we could have, or if it is a good idea to have kids even since I may have health problems crop up of my own that I am unaware of as well. I am aware of the risks with schizophrenia, since I have a B.S. in psychology and that was an area that we covered extensively, I am more afraid of the unknown. Is having kids an okay idea? Would there be problems that no doctor has been able to detect?
Alissa, Colorado

Dear Alissa: That's a tough question. Not such a simple question, actually. I'm generally an optimist and usually opt to find the rainbow on the other side of the dark clouds. I'm going to give you a rather slippery answer. Don't make any babies quite yet. First, research about schizophrenia is getting exciting and you should check out the latest advances. Check out the factors that seem to play a role in passing along the illness. The issue definitely isn't cut and dried. Second, there is little difference between what is "real" and what is "feared." We tend to manifest what we focus on, and if you dwell on the negative possibilities, the odds shift against you. But, having said all that, I think the real issue is about the person you mentioned. Maybe give it more time. There seems to be an old pattern playing out for you. In fact, I counsel slowing down in general. Are you sure he is the man for you? Regarding your health and medical history, at this time I'm not seeing anything that concerns me. Let's visit this issue again in a few months, OK?