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Monday, October 04, 2004

Tall, Blond Dream Man

Dear Lynda:
An old boyfriend of mine from 20 years ago lives in the same town as me now. The attraction between us is very intense. What I'm wondering is whether this is karmic or true love?

I tend to enjoy a good conversationalist and, although he is extremely bright, he's a bit taciturn. He's a good man and genuinely cares for my son, so I feel like I need to consider giving him a real chance. I definitely care about him as a friend, yet long for a more spiritual partner who is involved in healing himself, as I am.

Another factor is that I've recently had several dreams about a man who is very kind, tallish and blond. This person feels more like my potential mate, yet still remains in the dreamtime. What do you intuit about this old boyfriend? Am I soon to meet someone else?
Susan, Lafayette, CO

Dear Susan:
I'm really torn about how to respond to your questions. I'm receiving so many conflicting, unexpected bits of information that I don't know what to make of any of it! I'm just going to give you a stream of consciousness, because that's what I'm getting:

The taciturn individual isn't necessarily "karmic or true love," but he is, instead, a representation of your fears about security and being loved. I'm not getting a lot of commitment from you about this man. In fact, you seem to be so "lost in a dream" (someday my prince will come?), that I'm not sure you would recognize an appropriate mate if he did show up (been there, done that). Does this man bring up any father stuff for you? You're surrounded by masculine archetypal energy.

Being with this man would not be the worst thing you could do, but it doesn't seem to fulfill your expectations about what your romantic partner would be like.

The man in your dream feels like a memory. I believe that the concept of past lives, understood in a linear fashion, is limiting. I can't relate to the idea of us living one life after another, in some human-designed, straight-line approach. For me, it's more fun to think about simultaneous lives/simultaneous levels of existence and consciousness. So, since everything is going on in one big Simultaneous Now, it's easy for the levels to bleed into each other, under certain conditions.

The blond man's consciousness resides elsewhere. The question for you is: What is the message? Why is your unconscious mind tapping into this otherworld? Trust that the true nature of the encounter will be made clear in the right time, in the right way. But it's doubtful that he'll show up in your living room any time soon. You might think of him as a Guide.

You do seem to be on the verge of some major discovery. A metaphorical leaping into the Great Romantic Unknown. There is someone else on your horizon, but don't worry about trying to fix things so that they work out one way or another. This will unfold all by itself.


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