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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Writing Dilemma

Dear Lynda
I wrote to you years ago when you had a print column, and you were exactly right about how I'd be able to blend two different career paths, so I'd like to get your opinion again. I've had a daily writing practice for six years with the goal of getting my work published and boosting my income. I've had one short piece published, but my love is novels. For three years, I've had editors and contest judges tell me that my writing is "very close" to publishable, but I can't seem to get off this plateau. I wonder if you see my work moving to a different level anytime soon, or if there is some way that I'm sabotaging myself that I can change.
Writer, Boulder, CO

Dear Writer:
First, I want to ask if you have anyone in your writing life -- a critique partner, another writer, a mate, etc. -- who is less than supportive? Perhaps someone who gives you subtle (and not so subtle) criticism? I ask because I see that kind of influence around you. Perhaps someone whose opinion you value, but who doesn't necessarily have your best interests at heart? Someone who might be polluting your energetic environment? The issue of sabotage is definitely here, but it is multi-layered. It's like the chicken and the egg: which came first? The tendency to lack confidence in yourself, or the environment/people who encourage you to feel that way? Well, regardless. Things are looking up. It does seem that the thing you want the most (publish a novel??) is circling your cosmic airport, preparing to seek out the runway. Now, it is your task to make sure the runway is open and functional. Something good is coming. Hold onto your allowing/positive attitude. Continue to submit. All it takes is one person to see the diamond and the tide will turn. OK. That's on an intuitive level. Here's some sharing from a personal level. One of the things I've discovered is that every contest judge, every agent, every editor has her/his own filters through which they read manuscripts. Of course, if you're getting the same pieces of feedback from everyone, it is wise to pay attention and to ask your Inner Writer if the critique feels accurate. That's the key. Following your own guidance. I have a writer friend who keeps on changing her manuscript according to the latest opinion of this or that writer/judge, etc. I hope she'll tire of that soon because I liked her book much better back in the beginning when it was actually her words. If you write the book you love and you keep on submitting it, eventually someone is going to grab it. Honest. If you'd like to chat more about this, feel free to email me directly.