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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Meaning of Premonitions

Dear Lynda:
I have been having dreams, nagging thoughts and premonitions about a person who I don't personally know and who is semi-famous. I feel very drawn to this individual and can't shake the insistent feeling. I have had premonitions before in my life that have come true. Is this my imagination or am I destined to meet this person and possibly have a relationship?
Darlene, OH

Dear Darlene:
Something that is often overlooked, and usually misunderstood, is one powerful way the universe reflects our intentions back to us: through other people. While it is completely possible that you might invite this individual into your life (we do this on the energy/frequency level), it is more probable that your attraction to and thoughts about this person are because something you feel/see/sense about this one is a direct reflection of something about yourself. Something you need to pay attention to. This actually happens a lot. We get strong vibes about someone and we interpret those feelings in a very limited way -- as indicators that fate/destiny, etc., is putting the two of us together. Usually it has much more interesting vibrational implications. I don't get anything but positive feedback about whatever this might turn out to be. When you're drifting off to sleep tonight, smile and let the universe know you are eagerly awaiting whatever happens. Don't be surprised by what turns up. By the way, put out the welcome mat for some unexpected money.