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Monday, September 05, 2005

Let Go and Trust

Dear Lynda:
I'm dating a guy with whom I'm trying to use NLP techniques, as well as TR, just to see if anything will work to create in him an interest in trying out a serious relationship with me. He and I have an incredible number of things in common: small things, coincidences, mutual tastes, views and interests. We're both very attracted to each other, though he has noted that he's not interested in a serious relationship. And, that he's "just getting to know me." He's expressed a number of times that he "is in heaven," "I always feel incredible with you," and things like that. We've known each other about three months, and he offers to help me do just about everything that I ever tell him I'm trying to get done (although, he doesn't really seem to ever get to doing the helping part, or rarely). I've been having a little bit of stress in my work situation lately, and, due to influence from this guy, have made strides in straightening my apartment and in getting back to artistic pursuits of my own which I'd let slide for a couple of years. I'm curious about how my relationship with this guy may progress.
Jennifer, Denver, CO

Dear Jennifer:
The first sentence of your question sounds quite manipulative. You're utilizing various techniques to encourage him to move in the direction you'd like him to move in. And, he's apparently dragging his feet and giving you vague explanations. What you'll notice over time (as you get older) is that people do what they mean to do. Men, especially, act on what they want to act on. They may SAY something different, but watch the action. I am so happy that this man (if I'm reading your statement correctly) motivated you go clear up the clutter in your life and to get back to your own artistic/creative activities. That is his gift to you. I strongly recommend that you let go of all expectations about this fellow and allow him to make his own choices -- whether you like what he chooses or not. He absolutely does enjoy being with you, but at this point he isn't looking for the same outcome that you are. Let go. Breathe. Just be great friends with this fellow and know that your mate is being attracted right this minute. And that may, or may not, be this person. And, by the way, regarding money through creative/artistic pursuits: something wonderful is coming. Keep me posted.


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