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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Double or Single Birth?

Dear Lynda:
My husband and I have one child. We have tried to have another, but recurring miscarriages have stopped us. I recently had a dream that we would have twins -- a boy and a girl. Several months later I found out I was pregnant with twins! I've been told that one twin died. I might be in denial, but I feel very strongly that they are wrong. Do you see delivery of two healthy babies or one? Thank you for your time.
McKinley, Denver, CO

Dear McKinley:
Please take this with a grain, because from the moment I read your question, my guidance was colored by a great desire for you to have your dream come true. But what I get is a glorious birth of a child. The energy feels female. Please let me know how things turn out, because this doesn't seem like the end of the story.