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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

What's My True Calling?

Dear Lynda:
I am a 27-year-old female who was just laid off from my job working in an office. This was unexpected, but I was actually relieved in a way because I was bored with the work, the routine, and the environment itself. The hourly wage I was paid was low for a college graduate with a BA in Communication.

I have had several types of jobs since graduating in 2000; some in retail sales, bars and at offices. Most of my jobs don't last very long and then it's on to the next job that's just OK and doesn't pay very well. I know I should just be thankful for the opportunity to work, as there are many in other countries who aren't as lucky as we Americans. But, of course, I want to find my "calling" or true talent and don't know where to look.

For the past 4 years, I've been living with my boyfriend. In many ways he takes care of me financially. I love him dearly. He's my best friend. At times, I feel slightly dependent and think I should be more financially stable and independent. Many people say I'm not living up to my potential. What does the future hold for me and which direction do you feel I should/could head in?
Boulder, CO

Dear Nia:
Whether you look at it astrologically or psychologically, the years between ages 27-33 are intense, life-changing and deepening. You are on the verge of stepping into a transition that will literally change your life. As it should. This is the time to question the -- perhaps -- aimless floating that has occurred so far, to reassess previous decisions and to make a bold, new plan. Several things leaped out at me. First, it is likely there will be a geographic move in the next 4 years. I would suspect that this move is connected with career/school in some way, because it appears to me that you are not finished with higher education.

Dependence/independence is -- on one level -- a state of mind. Everything is perception. Does allowing your boyfriend to take care of you financially really bother you? Or would you be OK with it if no one had any opinions? I clearly got the sense that you are overly-affected by the approval/lack of approval of others. Well, here's a chuckle for you. I see abundant money in your possible future. What if I told you that you have the ability to create as much (or as little) money as you wish? What would be different?

Put all your concerns about the future on the shelf for now. Something about the realm of higher education will begin to tap on your shoulder and an entirely new -- currently unknown to you -- direction will emerge. I see no reason to be anything but excited and optimistic. Let me leave you with something Esther Hicks said when responding to a question about how an individual could find joy in having things when so many in the world have none: you can't get poor enough to make one other person richer; you can't get sick enough to make one other person healthier. Just a thought. That's quite a bit of guilt you're carrying. I wonder who gave it to you?