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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Emotionally Available?

Dear Lynda:
My move back to the East Coast has worked out for me with new employment and a small cottage on a river. I'm still in a state of transition, but my life has improved considerably since leaving Colorado.

Remember the big job I was trying to get opening a hotel in Manhattan? Well, the company contacted me and made me an offer to work full-time for them. I commute daily from Connecticut, which is grueling, but I'm living and breathing my work, learning lots, meeting new people and feeling alive again.

I met a man and we are slowly developing a friendship. He designed the public spaces on the big job in Manhattan then subsequently was hired by an architectural firm in the same building I work in. He moved and started working in Manhattan about the same time I did. I can't help but think he is the romantic relationship you saw in my energy field. But, at the rate he's moving, I'll be an old woman before he becomes more emotionally available. What do you think?
Celia, Connecticut

Dear Celia:
It's great to hear from you. I'm so happy that the move worked out so well. First let me say that it appears your career will continue to move in a prosperous and successful direction for the new year. An opportunity you don't know about yet will present itself, probably around the Spring Equinox, and things can get even better. I meditated about the guy thing for a while, because I know you're due for a wonderful relationship and I wanted to be sure before I said anything. Let me soften the blow by saying that it appears to me that the relationship I mentioned is actually on its way to you now, but you don't know him yet. The man you wrote about seems seriously entrenched in his fears, limitations and -- yes -- emotional unavailability. So, my advice is for you to enjoy the friendship with this man and keep your options open. I suspect you'll discover something/someone delicious around or before March. Hmmm. March is really a happening month for you this year. Utilize the powerful energy and take lots of steps toward all your dreams. Please keep me posted.