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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Change of job? Location?

Dear Lynda: I'm writing a question, hoping for counsel. My spouse and I both want desperately out of our current jobs/location and are hoping this is the year despite the horrible economy. Is there a move and job change coming for us before the fall? There are a couple of dream job possibilities but I'm almost afraid to hope too much due to past disappointments.

I really felt this was the year but then things tanked economically and the hiring season in our field is beginning to slip away. I'm usually very intuitive except when it comes to myself so its rather frustrating. There have been a few good things about this job but we'd like to be closer to family, and spiritually I feel adrift.

My current position is difficult on many levels, negative energy, difficult colleagues, limitations, uncomfortable location etc. I've tried to find a spiritual community where I could further develop my own empathic abilities but I have seemed to hit a wall in our current location. I'm hoping a move will enable me to make connections in a spiritual community and bring new life to my creative life as well. One of the dream job possibilities I mention above would only be for my husband and would require me to leave my current career path and hope I could cobble something together. So it's a little unnerving despite the opportunity to get out of where we are at present. I guess my question is multi-faceted: will we be making a job change before fall, will we be able to sell the house, will I have to change my career (if so, in what way?) and will I find a place to grow spiritually? Many Thanks and Blessings,

Dear Hopeful: I think it's pretty common that we're not as intuitive about ourselves. Too much psychological/psychic dust obscuring the lens. It's much easier to feel/sense things about others. Since your future is in your hands (choices, beliefs, decisions, fears, etc.) I'm not able to give you a clear indication of exactly WHAT will happen before fall, but something is coming. Something desirable. October seems positively meaningful. And it seems to benefit both partners, rather than only your husband. But before the good appears, there's some unpleasant energy. So, with that in mind, I advise you continue downsizing your lifestyle -- to think about what material things you can let go of. It's so liberating to release unnecessary objects. There will be a disappointment -- but don't get stuck there -- and then a happy surprise.

I know you are aware of this already, but spirituality is an inside job. Certainly, some communities are more involved in various forms of exploration, but where you live shouldn't hinder your personal deepening in any way. Remember that we must BECOME what we desire and then we find ourselves attracting/magnetizing evidence which is in alignment with those decisions/choices. Take care that you don't get so attached to pushing away "what is" that you forget to joyfully anticipate what you prefer. You can't have it both ways.

Give little credibility to the talk of economic ruin. As I've heard often lately, there is opportunity in difficulties -- if you choose to focus there. I feel good about you.