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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bracing Myself

Hi, Lynda: Since I was very young, I have been very sensitive to my environment. Reading from you that the world is "vibrational" really explains it. When the sensations were overwhelming, I would do all that I could to expel it from my body. When I was very young, I remember using my alone time to try to shake it from my body or instinctively breathe it out into my hands and throw it away from me. There were also times when I could feel the energy around me like it was in tune with me, lifting my spirit and heightening my other senses. As I grew older, confused by my heightened senses, I tried to deal with the overwhelming experiences by turning to my Dr. Eventually, I was diagnosed with ADD and an anxiety disorder. I take medication that numbs me in a way. Since then, my sensitivity to my environment has been dulled. I miss that connection I had with it. Every once in a while, I do connect deeply with it, but it is much harder to do. But, at least it doesn't seem to be out of my control. Lately I've been feeling a call from deep within to strengthen my gifts of the spirit. Part of me wonders if I've made the right decision to take medication for my anxiety. Part of me wonders if I open those doors to my gifts, that I will be unprepared for the opening of my mind. I can describe it with an analogy. I feel like the Hoover Dam is in front of me and I'm at it's base. It is cracked and a small hole is leaking water. Because I don't fully understand what is happening and because it is frightening to be in that situation, I'm standing there with my finger plugging the hole to buy some time so that I can prepare myself to survive the inevitable rush when it is finally released. I truly sense this world of knowledge that is within my reach is so big, so incredibly huge, that I may not have the strength to withstand it. Honestly, all of this still confuses me -- where is this call coming from? What do I do with my abilities (I feel energy from my hands that I've been able to use to interact with my environment)? I have had paranormal experiences -- why and should I be doing something when I receive information during my experiences? Unfortunately, none of this is cut and dry. Thank you for listening and any help you can offer would be much appreciated.
Sincerely, A.S.

Dear A.S. I work with lots of extremely sensitive clients who have had experiences similar to yours. I hope it will reassure you to know that, after the dam breaks, the flood is only temporary. The water that rushes in, overwhelming you, will soon find it's own balance again. Anxiety is often a rational reaction to high sensitivity. Taking meds to dull the edges is fine. In fact, in a lot of cases, it's sanity-saving. There is no reason you can't begin working on enhancing your sensory skills while continuing to use medication for increased alignment. You might notice that the more you explore utilizing your senses, the more you can lower the dosage on your meds. Of course, don't discontinue meds without talking to your med prescriber. Where is the call coming from? It's just like anything else. Musicians can't ignore the music. Artists can't distance from the urge to create. Individuals who can read the vibrational universe feel compelled to do so. It's natural. Nothing to be worried about or afraid of. Even if the flood knocks you down for a little while, never fear. The water will recede. There are many wonderful books about high sensitivity and working with subtle energy. Dive in and start reading. Practice the exercises and enjoy your unique skill.
Best, Lynda