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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Clarity About Authentic Life

Lynda: Right now I am trying to get clearer on what my authentic life is. I need to clarify my vision so that I can set intention and manifest it. I am pulled between these forces: 1) Being "responsible" -- which relates to the fact that I have no retirement and I'm 43 and I have no job currently -- and which leads me to consider setting intention to get a good job here, get health care, get myself back on my feet financially, and stay in my house which is a good place for my cat. 2) Taking risks. Following my desire to live in a climate that's temperate (even tropical) year round, figuring out a job when I get there (where ever "there" is) trusting that financially things will work out, trusting that somehow I can also keep the house I already have, (so that I do at least have that "security") and trusting that it'll be a fine place for my cat, too.
Thanks so much,
C, Colorado

Dear C: It's easy to become fearful in such challenging times. Fear often feels like a realistic response to situations in the outer world. I wonder what choices you'd make if you took an energetic step back from fear -- if you observed yourself dispassionately? I know what you mean by "security," but I sense contraction around the word. We simply don't make good decisions when we're afraid. I think an authentic life is one that feels good to us as we live it. The solar plexus/old gut is an amazingly reliable emotional barometer. I'm not seeing a move in the coming year -- or at least not a large one. Something involving a male tends to dominate the last third of the year, and you'll have to make a choice between doing what you want vs what someone else wants you to do. To paraphrase words I read somewhere about leaping into the void: you'll either land safely or be taught to fly. That seems highly pertinent for you in 2009 and 2010. If you're willing to focus more on what you desire and less on what is/what was, these will be great years for you. As Joseph Campbell said, "Follow your bliss." The alternative doesn't feel good.