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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Attracting Love

Dear Lynda:
I met this guy about 8 months ago. During the time we met I was going through a period of finding and loving myself. I just had lost my job, house and guy. He was understanding at the time but I was so bitter -- making him pay for my past hurt and pain. Now he won't have anything to do with me. I care a great deal about him and realize my mistakes. I'm in medical school. My question is: will we get back together and move forward?
F in Miami

Dear F: I took out all the identifying information, because it's never good to give so much personal information online. And I'm sure the fellow in question wouldn't want us talking about him by his unusual name. Sweetie, I'm sorry you met him at a time when you weren't emotionally available for a relationship. That happens so often. Here's what I think: Over the next 6 months you'll find a wonderful person and begin a healthy relationship. Can I promise you it is this fellow? No. I can't. Does it matter? Not really, because the good relationship is what's important. But here's something very powerful you can do for the fellow you wrote about: every day, for a few minutes -- maybe when you're falling asleep (if people in medical school ever get to sleep!) or waking up -- just imagine him happy, smiling and doing well. Don't add anything about it having anything to do with you. Just surround him with warm feelings and maybe a lovely color, and imagine him happy and well. If the two of you are in energetic alignment, like a magnet, your good feelings will attract him. But regardless, it will feel good for both of you if you send him warm-fuzzies every day. And, interestingly, the warm-fuzzies will probably be what attracts the good relationship (regardless of who it is with). Focus on doing well in school. Take care of yourself. Learn from your mistakes. Life is a journey.
Hugs, Lynda