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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Musical Career

Hi, Lynda:
I have a question to ask you. I've been going through a lot of problems in my life lately and I'm really down right now. And even though I have other problems, I have one main question to ask, and that's about my music. I plan to make this my career, but I guess I don't know how to go about it. When will this happen for me? You know -- when will I get exposure? I think this will solve all my financial problems too! Thank you for your time.
L., Colorado

Dear L:
Be patient. You're in a learning period right now. The opportunity that you're waiting for is still a little ways down the road, but in the meantime, you can make sure you're fine-tuning your talents as much as possible. Don't get distracted by a person who only brings you trouble, and if you have a tendency toward dependence on a substance, please realize it can be your downfall. Work hard, study, learn your craft, get as healthy as you can and be ready for something unexpectedly wonderful to happen regarding your musical career within the next year. That's just the blink of an eye.