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Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Single Rut

I want desperately to get married and have a family someday. I would not like to wait until I am 40 years old to do so though. Do you have any confirming words for me that this will or will not happen? If it is a possibility, do you have a date. I am tired of being in a single rut.
Lonely in Oregon

Dear Lonely:
First, the indications are that marriage is likely. Notice I said likely, and not certain. There is no such thing as certain. You are the chooser, and every day you make a series of conscious and unconscious decisions that determines your path. Now, having said that, let's address the "desperately" part. Desperation is a resistant, pushing-away energy. It repels. It's like one part of you is screaming "Yes!!" at the universe, but your vibe is screaming "No!!" Confused energy attracts more of itself: chaos. Here's the trick. You need to keep your focus on how wonderful it feels to be in the right relationship with the right person. Wallow in those pleasant sensations. But don't keep looking around to see if that relationship has arrived yet. When you look around to see if the person of your dreams has shown up, you shift your attention back to "lonely," rather than keeping it on "blissfully connected." You'll have to find a way to keep yourself joyfully distracted, absolutely knowing that the relationship already exists (and you need to get into alignment with it, rather than thinking it needs to get into alignment with you). Think of the relationship you want as existing in a parallel dimension and the only way for you to create a bridge from that "reality" to this "reality" is to imagine it is already here. Best wishes!