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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Will I Hear From Him?

Dear Lynda:
I really would like to have this man, Stephen back into my life. Since I really haven't had much communication with him since February it is very hard to know what has taken place in his life or if he is even with anyone else. I have only spoken with him on April 11, 2006, briefly on April 12, 2006 and a few minutes on June 2, 2006. Each time on April 11 and June 2 he wanted to see me. I have not heard anything since June 2, 2006. I have received a number of hang up calls on my home phone number, but I have no idea if they are connected with him. There have been some strange cell calls and again, I don't know if he has anything to do with them either. He is a man who just stopped communicating with me in February and I have no reason why. I never asked him, when I talked with him. He and I got along great and I felt we had the basis for a good relationship because in his last e-mail on February 12, 2006 he stated that he wanted to continue seeing me, he wanted to take me places and that he would never do me wrong and signed it, Love, Stephen. Well, I was just very confused and hurt when he did the opposite and abruptly stopped communicating with me. The very last time I actually was with him was on February 16, 2006 when I went to his apartment and spoke with him for about 30 minutes. Lynda, I miss him so much and I wish I knew what happened then and when I am going to hear from him next so that I can be much better prepared. Being kept in the dark has been very hard and I just wish you could tell me something enlightening about this situation. I wish I could see him again and he feel so bad about the way he treated me that he would do almost anything to make it up to me. Lynda, do you think he ever thinks about me? Please let me hear from you soon. Just knowing when I will hear from him next would mean so much to me. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for listening to me.

Dear Patricia:
My heart aches for you. Not because you're yearning to hear from this poor, emotionally-unstable fellow, but because you are so willing to settle for crumbs. Sweetie, I don't understand why you miss him. You never had him. It was all smoke. He doesn't mean to be hurtful. He doesn't mean to be distant and confusing and unavailable. But he is. Someone that emotionally unbalanced simply can't be what you're looking for. And, even if he does contact you again (and he probably doesn't remember if he did contact you, or if he ever said he would, etc.), it will be the same thing over and over and over again. I know you believe right now that you need him. That your life will be empty without him. My dear, your life would be empty with him. I don't think you actually did get along great. I think you tried to do whatever he wanted you to do, or whatever you imagined would rock the boat as little as possible and keep him around. That's a terrible basis for a relationship. I know you don't want to hear this, but my feeling is he won't contact you. And if you manage to get in touch with him, he'll only cause you pain. But, if you let yourself heal from this disappointment, something wonderful (a new love) is on your horizon. Be well.