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Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Gift

Some years ago I was told I had "The Gift." I thought it was a crock! The psychic told me I can chose to embrace it or not. I chose not to...I think. I have had a lot of situations -- too many at this point -- that have occurred where I know stuff ahead of time. I don't know who to talk to or how to handle this. I found your site on the internet. I need help, because this is freaking me out. Please help. Thank You
C., Colorado

Dear C:
I'm not sure why you'd be upset by having such a normal ability. It's really only very recently that we humans have begun to understand that we are much more than we thought. That many skills that were seen as "extraordinary" or "special" are, in fact, normal. Perhaps you're making the mistake many of us make: you're assuming that since you can sense an event, etc., ahead of time, that you must DO something about it. Or, that you are responsible for "causing" the event. Sensing energy is normal. Being aware of things before they happen is normal. Intuitive/psychic ability is normal. I realize it isn't as much fun to see these things as "normal," but it's accurate. If you have enhanced abilities, you can, indeed, choose whether or not you wish to participate in building them up. Or in allowing them to diminish through lack of focus. But, just because you know things, it doesn't mean any particular actions, feelings or outcomes must take place. We simply don't have any ability to create in someone else's reality. I hope this eases your mind.


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