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Friday, April 14, 2006

Mystery Woman

Dear Lynda:
I'm very much in a state of confusion and trying to figure out whether or not I'm going nuts or if its real or not. I've had this vision lately, more less here and then, and would like if you could tell me if this is a sign of a reunion of sorts with an ex or if this is a different woman. I hope you can help me seek the answers that I want to know. This is how it goes: I see this woman, I don't know who she is because I can't see her face, but I do see a woman. I don't know if she is visiting or living with me but all I can tell ya is, she is around 30, short and heavy set. She tells me over and over and over again, how much I mean to her, as if she never thought it was possible to ever love someone as much as she loved me. She constantly talks about Oklahoma. In the vision she talks about her ex-husband who was truly mean to her and that her family has nothing to do with her. I don't know if she could have any children or not that part is not clear. But all I hear her say is, "Timothy, you have no idea how much I love you and appreciate what you have done for me," but there are bits and pieces of the vision I can't remember. But I do know it was warm weather, like May or June might even be July or August not sure. Question: Is this my ex-girlfriend or is this a totally different girl? If so, when am I supposed to meet this person, if she exists? Also I was told that I too, share a gift of psychic ability of some sorts, but yet it has not fully developed nor cIn i control it. I don't know if the psychic I talked to was real or just telling me something just to hear herself talk. Also I'm supposed to tote around a crystal in my pocket and she is supposed to go and read it after a number of days also am supposed take another crystal and bury it. Now, could you please tell me in your own words, English please, what the heck is all that about.
Tim from Tennessee

Dear Tim:
I'm not sure why it matters who this woman is, or whether she is merely a metaphorical symbol of your unconscious. If you desire to be in a loving relationship with the right woman for you, simply hold that intention and allow her to be magnetized to you. I get the impression that relationships have been difficult for you in the past, so maybe the best place to start is with some self-healing. Sometimes we do have prophetic visions, and those can be interesting, but my advice remains the same. If you want her to show up, expect her -- joyfully. Some psychics enjoy doing a lot of ritualistic things. It sounds like the person you spoke to falls into that category. Just make sure she isn't asking you for a lot of money (beyond the reasonable cost of the reading she gave you) to do any of this crystal stuff for you. Crystals and other things are mostly focusing tools. If it makes you feel good to carry the crystal, go ahead and do it. If not . . . We all have psychic abilities. It's just another one of our senses. If you wish to develop them, you can. As with everything else, the more you give attention to something, the stronger it gets. Best wishes.