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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Allowing Her Good

Hi, Lynda:
It was nice to find you on your website -- we haven't spoken in some time. I have been presented with an opportunity to make a change, and as far as I can tell, I should say "yes" to the opportunity. But I still have little niggling doubts, which I think are a product of my own old fear of failure. I don't know if you will wish to answer my question, but I'll ask it and leave it for you to decide. As you may recall, four years ago I was laid off from my well-paying job. Since then I have completely re-evaluated what I want to do with my life, and the short version is that I discovered that I love art, particularly art quilts and fiber art. I have spent a lot of time taking classes and teaching myself skills. I have also gone back to my love of language, and plan to support myself by making fiber art to sell and by copy editing (in English) and translation (from Portuguese to English). It has taken me a long time to come to this point, and I have not brought in much income at all in four years. My husband has supported me financially and been my cheerleader the entire time, although I believe at a cost to himself. And we are in debt more than we would like to be, because of a lack of work for both of us since the economy has been slow. I have been chafing under space constraints for my art work, because I have nowhere to "make a mess" with my fabric painting and dyeing, and other things I want to try out. Since I am not making any money, I don't feel I can commit to paying much rent for a place. But I feel that if I had room to grow, I could actually accomplish something artistically and financially. I recently met a man who buys houses, renovates them and rents them out. He has offered to remodel part of a garage in one of his rentals, to become an artist's studio. He says he wants to make beautiful things, and I have seen some of his work in renovation. He cares about details and quality. He is willing to allow me to pay for 25% of the rent in trade and the rest in cash. Everything about this situation is very tempting: I would have plenty of space in which to grow, my dog would be allowed to be with me, the landlord is supportive of artists. My problem: I am afraid of committing to it because I don't have any work coming in and I don't want to dig us further into a financial hole. I am so used to not making money that I actually believe I never will again. This is a silly and destructive belief, I know. I have been teaching myself to do tarot readings for myself, and although I am sure I miss many important connections yet at my neophyte stage, I have found the exercise to always be helpful to me. Even if I don't understand something one day, later it becomes clear to me what I should think about that particular message. The cards seem to be telling me that if I take this studio, I will be able to afford it if I work diligently. I would work there primarily on the art work, and do most of the language work at home, although there would be some crossover. Can you shed some light on this situation? Should I say yes to this opportunity, or should I just find a way to work in my little space at home for a while? At this point I am thinking I will say yes, and trust that if it isn't meant to be, the universe will close the door as the answer. Thanks Lynda.
Hopeful Artist, Colorado

Dear Hopeful: It's great to hear from you. I have to say I'm so excited that you are moving in so many wonderful directions: art, Tarot, and reclaiming your expertise with languages. I think that's always been one of your most unique and special contributions to the world. I trust that you will follow your own intuitive guidance, but I'm happy to give you my impressions about your questions. My immediate feeling was that I wanted you to say no to the fellow with the renovations. Not that he or the idea is bad. Something about the timing is off and the pressure I fear you would put on yourself makes me want to ask you to reconsider. And, actually, this isn't the best offer. Or, even the best offer he can make to you. If you can connect with the expansive part of yourself -- the part that knows you can create money with all your gifts, abilities, etc. -- other opportunities to have an art space will come in. It might not be until August or thereafter, but I clearly see a less encumbered option. And something about the current offer feels heavier than it should on the surface. It is possible for you to have a straight trade or barter and not have to pay any money-type rent at all. Imagine yourself in an artist space where the other portion of the space is used by another artist or artists. I see that as a strong possibility. You might consider the following positive statement/suggestion/affirmation: I am now courageously willing to accept abundance. I now joyfully surrender to the good that is mine. Please keep me posted.


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