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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Love or Fear?

Hi, Lynda:
I am very troubled. My boyfriend and I have only been seeing each other 10 months and already have split up twice. Last time he begged me to get back with him, but it wasnt long before we started arguing again. I dont feel happy when I am with him -- I am always wanting more attention and more loving and this is frustrating for him as he doesnt understand what I am talking about. I feel that we cannot talk about stuff. I am 37 and really want a family but I know I am running out of time. Do you see us having a happy future? We went to couples therapy a couple of times, but he is reluctant to go back, which is really upsetting for me. He came and stayed for 2 months and I felt so suffocated, but every time I suggested he go home he got upset. Now he has finally gone and hasn't bothered to call me and I am feeling upset. Please help.

Dear K: You are ignoring your intuition. When you are with this fellow, you are miserable. He can't give you what you desire, and you want him to be different than he is. That's a train wreck waiting to happen. People are who we are. Often, we enter into relationships out of fear, rather than out of love. I wish I had better news for you, but the two of you are psychological/energetic oil and water. Both are fine, but they don't mix. Distract yourself from your fear about your age and allow the person who is truly yours to appear. Better yet, become the person you desire and watch how magnetic that is.


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