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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Question About Tarot Reading

Dear Lynda:
I recently had a Tarot reading and got the death card. The reader told me that I had horrible health problems that were coming in the near future. She said if I didn't take drastic measures, that I would die within a year. She really scared me, but a friend told me that you can't predict death from looking at Tarot cards. The reader said I could pay her to clear my aura so that the sickness she saw there would go away. What do you think?
Karen B., Cheyenne, WY

Dear Karen:
I think it is unfortunate that there are unethical, dishonest readers. The Tarot is a symbolic/metaphorical tool, which means that it speaks of larger, archetypal issues. The death card in the Tarot indicates profound transformation. Transformation that changes the inner landscape, therefore the outer. I usually find transformation to be exciting, if we will open to the wisdom of it. It is possible that the reader picked up some of your concerns about your health, so I'd recommend that you visit your favorite M.D. and get a checkup. The moment a reader predicts death and/or dire circumstances and then asks for large sums of money to rectify the situation, run away from that person as quickly as you can!


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