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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Good Riddance to Job

Dear Lynda:

I've worked for a well-known company for many years and last week -- because I refused to let management be abusive to my team -- I was fired. Yesterday, the boss called me and said he would reconsider and take me back if I was willing to ignore the problems.

I declined his offer and now he's trying to make sure I don't get the severance package the company owes me, plus I think he's badmouthing me to clients.

I know I was right to reject his offer, because he is such a terrible man to work for, but now I don't know what the next step is for me. My dream is to have my own consulting company, working in the same industry. What do you think about my leaving that job and starting out on my own?
Kat, Chicago, IL

Dear Kat:
Great timing. It appears that you've been experiencing an energy drain for years and this is a healthy turn in the road. For some reason, I get the idea that your boss is afraid of you. Perhaps he overstepped his bounds and made a legal mistake. Don't worry about your severance package.

Take an active role in creating your new company. Think of a name for your new venture, and go out immediately and purchase business cards. Meet the Universe halfway by making your intentions very clear.

You have the ability to create a lot of money, and there seems to be a partner (business) just around the corner. An important contact will be made within the next month.

Try not to get sidetracked by all the men entering your life. Each one has a gift for you, and some of those gifts will be difficult. Pay attention to the message and not the messenger. If you're willing to focus on your business for the next three or four years, a loving life mate will present himself unexpectedly.

Don't you just love how the Universe works?


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