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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Enjoy the Journey

Hello Lynda: My name is Debra and I've had "experiences" since I was little. I have always rationalized them or brushed them off. Recently, I had an appointment in a place I had never been before. I showed up to the wrong building and found myself experiencing something I've never felt before. In this vacant building (I didn't think was vacant because of the doors closing and footsteps) I found myself looking into a room from two different view points. One I could actually see with my eyes and one I could see in my mind's eye. It was very strange and I really don't have the understanding to put what exactly I experienced into words. When I finally found the building I was supposed to be in, I explained what had just happened to me and the women I was speaking with said that she used to have an office space in that building and that it was "haunted." My question is, how to I go about getting answers to the questions I have about what I experienced in this event as well as developing any special abilities I may have? I really feel driven to find answers and I'm not finding them in the books I've been reading. Can you help me? Thank you!

Dear Debra: I think the experience you had was exciting. I love when those kinds of things happen to me. There really are some good books out there which can help you make sense of your tendencies. Start with your local library. In addition, check out class schedules at your local metaphysical book stores. Finding a good teacher is a powerful and helpful step. Seek out information about courses that deal with psychic abilities, mediumship, etheric energy, and general occult studies. Perhaps you might enjoy some pagan/wiccan classes. You are at the beginning of a wonderful path. Enjoy the journey!