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Sunday, December 06, 2009

What does the future hold?

Dear Lynda: I'm 22, I have two amazing children, and I basically just want to make sure they will live long happy, healthy lives. I also was curious if their father and I will get back together again? If we did, would he ever change and be dependable, or will I find someone more worthwhile? I guess my biggest fear is being alone forever. And one last thing, I've recently been having financial issues, will I get re-grounded soon?

Dear LV: While I can't know what choices your children will make in the future (to determine whether or not they live happy, healthy lives), I can say that in the near future, things look good for you and your kids. You are too young to even be thinking about being alone. And, keep in mind, that we get more evidence of what we focus on. If you want to find the best mate for you (and I hope some time passes before you get involved in another relationship -- it's good to have some times where we aren't thinking about one partner or another), imagine the feeling of being in a healthy, satisfying connection. That's the best way to attract it. Money looks like it will improve by February of 2010. Keep envisioning the life you want (not about any particular person being with you), and you'll begin to see evidence of that life.