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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Picking Up Energy

Hello Lynda: Thank you for taking the time to read this. I'm a 28 year old single mother, and am also a HSP. I've been like this since I could remember. My issue is that over the years I have worked hard to "work in" my gifts into my every day life, and maintain pretty well (as well as I can be) and yes its still difficult at times. But, my problem is that for the past couple of years I've started to 'absorb' energy more strongly, and frequently -- regardless of negative or positive. It takes such a strong toll on me physically and emotionally. With doing this (which is subconsciously being done) I tend to distance myself quite often and a lot of people take offense to it. With the harsh reality of judgemental society, this is something that is not easily understood without cruel responses. How can I make this easier on me? To where I no longer upset others? Also, I've noticed a change in my 'gut feelings'. The things I used to 'just know' are also becoming more vivid and detailed. Is that a good thing or no? I have to catch myself because sometimes I can give answers to simple questions before they're even done asking the question. People often approach me for advice and a shoulder to lean on, saying I'm always warm and comforting and always know just what to say. I really appreciate you helping me.
Sincerely, Ms. Nicole

Ms. Nicole: While I'm sure you are unaware of having made a choice to sense/feel more energy of all kinds, I rarely (actually never) find the increased sensitivity to be happening "separate" from us. I've often mentioned that the best way to limit how much vibrational information we collect is to make sure we are consistently grounded and we imagine being so full of our own positive energy (a cup overflowing), that we have no tendency to gather the vibes of others. And, when we do attract the vibes of others, we usually have an emotional reason for doing so. I wonder if you are volunteering too much feedback to others? Maybe people who aren't even asking for it? Simply because we know something doesn't mean we must be compelled to share that knowledge. It's sometimes intrusive and more about us than the person we're advising. I think you can make things easier on yourself by not telling people what you sense. If you are offering readings as part of your livelihood, then people who come to you will expect you to give your impressions, etc. But if you're not making a living at it, then it's inappropriate to share your opinions. Keep in mind that no matter how clear an impression might be for us, the interpretation is always questionable. We really can't ever completely KNOW for someone else. There's nothing wrong with you receiving stronger signals. If we desire that to happen, it easily does. And, if people are approaching you for guidance, you are absolutely doing something to allow that to happen. If you weren't wanting that, the energetic door wouldn't be open. So, look inside yourself and ask honest questions about your part in this process. As you get clearer and have better boundaries, this situation will feel more healthy.